SOLEA Laser Technology 

Are you tired of the drill?  Broadwater Dental in D'Iberville is proud to be the only dental clinic on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to offer SOLEA Laser treatment to our patients. In the dental industry, the SOLEA laser is the bestselling soft, hard and osseous tissue laser available. The results from Solea are incredible. The laser is accurate, fast and produces almost zero noise.

Other great benefits, are that for most procedures, the Solea treatment makes anesthesia not necessary. It is suture-free, blood-free, has low procedure time and reduces pain. Therefore, for patients who are nervous visiting the dentist, Solea has the ability to reduce some of the fear factors. It allows us to perform more in house procedures with fewer visits and its wavelength and computer controls allow for amazing accuracy.

If you have questions about Solea, please contact us at Broadwater Dental and we will answer any questions you have and determine if Solea is for you.