CLEARCORRECT - "Straightening Teeth the Modern Way"

Dental technology is improving and advancing continuously. Remember the old style metal braces? They were uncomfortable, a bit painful and not something that adults were comfortable wearing. Many adults who required teeth straightening later in life would simply avoid the issue, rather than wear metal braces. There are options now, and one of these are clear braces called clear correct. They can straighten teeth in a short amount of time and are much more comfortable to have in your mouth. Wearing clear braces means you wear a transparent thermoplastic aligner, which has the ability to shift your teeth into the desired place in stages. Your dentist will calculate the ideal location for each tooth and using technology, can show you an image of what your teeth should look like and the results he or she is aiming to achieve.

Some of the benefits of clear correct are as follow. They do not attach to your teeth with metal wires and brackets causing cuts to your mouth. The clear aligners are removable and comfortable to wear. Since you can remove them, it means you can brush and floss like normal. No difficult maneuvering with a toothbrush.

They are not visible or noticeable so most of the time people can’t tell you are wearing braces! This is great for self-conscious adults who attend meetings and travel for work. Traditional braces have to be worn for up to a year and a half for treatment to work, with clear correct, the same results can be reached in under a year.

Check your dental insurance and you may be pleasantly surprised that clear braces are covered under your policy. They are quite affordable when compared to traditional braces. You can even use your HASA account to pay for them.