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Get to Know the Dental Laser

The Solea laser delivers a wholly different experience than the conventional drill. It is so precise and easy to operate that our clinic can do multiple procedures in one visit!  It does not cause such adverse effects on teeth. Our technology eliminates many common complaints related to visiting the dentist.

The Solea Laser may be used to execute a wide range of treatments, including soft tissue shaping and removal. Its touch screen helps for improved handling, operational efficiency and graphical interfaces to boost the standard of treatment and outcome. 

Goodbye Grinding and Drilling

Broadwater Dental is proud to be only dental clinic located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It’s quiet and quick, and it can completely eliminate the demand for drilling and anesthesia, depending on the patient. Our laser is ideal to be used to take care of patients of all ages, and it is a great option for kids. It has gained so much popularity over the years, because it's a fast and noiseless procedure, and some patients may not require any anesthesia or sutures when undergoing the treatment.

Lasers have had a considerable positive effect on dentistry. The Solea laser is really the most advanced laser on the market nowadays and it allows Dr. Clifford Cook to carry out a surplus of treatments which other dentists simply cannot do. It is one of the most versatile dental lasers on the market today, and it can be used in the majority of dental procedures, including filling cavities.

Dentistry has seen a substantial evolution over the last few decades, especially in respect to making procedures less painful. Laser dentistry provides many advantages that produce dental treatment more comfortable and potent. You'll adore the experience Solea laser dentistry can provide. 

Speak to our office today to find out more about laser dentistry and the way it can help you. Laser dentistry is remarkably precise and often can attain a more conservative restoration. It provides a better patient experience, but you might be wondering how well it works. Call today or fill out our contact form to learn more.

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