With some care, you can ensure your teeth remain strong and healthy as you get older. Watch what you eat! Of course, we should always do this for our overall health, but choosing the right food can help out our teeth as well. Plaque will thrive and grow from sugars and starches. If the plaque isn’t taken care of, it can attack your tooth enamel via an acid it produces which will lead to decay.

Try to limit sugar intake. Flossing can never be stressed enough, brushing your teeth simply does not clean them 100%. Flossing is a necessity to push out plaque and food particles between your teeth and around your gums. Are you grinding your teeth at night? Have your family listen out for it, or record yourself as you sleep. Grinding will weaken your teeth potentially cracking and chipping them and create sore facial muscles. A mouth guard can be made by your dentist to help protect your teeth at night and keep them strong.

Quit smoking! Not just for the obvious health reasons but did you know it reduces blood flow to your mouth? This can contribute to periodontal disease which weakens your teeth. If you need dental surgery, it can reduce the healing of soft mouth tissue and bone. Don’t use a hard toothbrush. They cause abrasions to your enamel which weakens teeth. On the same note, be sure to change out you toothbrush every three months. Drink from a straw! If you drink surgery drinks, the sugar will weaken your teeth. Using a straw will help bypass the sugar and acid away from your teeth. Try to rinse your mouth out though after drinking soda and coffee to help keep your teeth strong. If you follow these tips, they can help keep your keep teeth strong and hopefully avoid serious dental issues.