Dental care doesn’t start and end with good daily habits that promote healthy teeth. It is equally important to find a qualified dentist who suits the personality of your family and their specific dental needs. With increasing new dental practices and prices that are different from office to office, finding the right dentist with the qualifications you want can be daunting or even intimidating.

You want a dentist that makes you and your family feel at ease, offers competitive pricing, is close by and with opening hours that are convenient to fit your schedule. The best way to find a good dentist for your family is to ask friends and family who they would recommend. If you have moved to a new town and have limited resources for referrals, be sure to go online and read reviews, or, your old dentist may be able to recommend another dentist through their personal networking. Read reviews from an unbiased source such as Google reviews or Yelp.

 Reviews made on a business website have the tendency to be a bit biased! Before you choose a dentist, don’t hesitate to stop by and visit the office and chat with the staff. Do they make you feel comfortable? Did you find the office to be welcoming and clean? Were you able to ask questions and get an informative response? If you can answer yes to these questions, you may have found a dentist that will best suit your family.