You may practice good dental habits daily. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing, rinsing, using a water pick and making wise decisions when it comes to the food you eat. However, there are a couple of bad habits that can undermine your healthy habits and compromise your dental health. It is easy for the bad habits to overrule the right. Here are some bad habits that do exactly that!

Crunching ice is a big no no. The cold temperature of ice and its brittleness can, in some cases fracture teeth. The ice can make microscopic cracks on tooth enamel which may lead to larger problems. Crushed ice a better alternative, but not a total solution. Popcorn kernels can place stress on teeth along with fruit pits. Most people spit out or throw away the pits, but some consumers enjoy chewing on them which in turn causes tooth damage. Sweet soda is another tooth enemy if you must drink it be sure to use a straw and position it towards the back of your mouth and do not let it rest against your teeth.

Never use your teeth as a tool. Opening items with them from something as light as a bag of crackers to something more complicated such as opening a nail polish bottle can traumatize your teeth. A weakened tooth may chip off when used in this scenario. Seriously think about what you use your teeth for! If you are aware, you grind your teeth tackle the problem and get fitted for a mouth guard. Grinding can be caused by stress, or caused my missing, crooked teeth and having an abnormal bite. Your dentist will be able to help you with this issue.

Last, of all, make sure the toothbrush you use daily is not hard bristled. If the bristles are too hard, it can lead to gum irritation and cause sensitive teeth. With age, gums can get pushed back exposing roots of the teeth. A firm toothbrush can wear away the cementum on the root.