The Art and Advances of Dentistry

The art of digital dentistry is climbing the popularity ladder due to improved time and cost efficiency. Gone are the days of biting down on messy impression materials. Today’s digital impression systems decrease procedure time, increase accuracy, and simplify the process with the help of a computerized aided design/manufacture (CAD/CAM) system. With this revolutionary time saving step, a digital copy of the teeth can be sent straight to the lab in a matter of seconds drastically reducing errors and turn around. The benefit of saving time, money, and reducing error makes digital impression systems the superior choice. For more information on our newest systems.

The Advance of Digital Dentistry 

Dental caries are permanently damaged areas in teeth that develop into tiny holes can be quite difficult to detect due to the fact they don’t always appear on the x-ray. The use of the dental explorer has long been the only way to catch minute caries but it is an invasive procedure that can cause more harm than good. With the many digital advances in Dentistry a new and improved method of detecting caries without the use of the explorer has finally hit the industry. Not only can this digital device detect dental caries through the use of fluorescent light, it can also detect the damage level.