Back To School - Schedule Your Appointments Today!

It's almost that time again!  That time when your child puts in all the hard work to get that much closer towards graduation.  Whether your child is starting kindergarten or if they are on the home stretch to their senior year, it is important to prepare them as much as possible.  As parents, we search/hunt for books, school uniforms and school supplies.  We also try to schedule those last minute health appointments due to the upcoming calendar of school.

During the summer, kids tend to relax and enjoy the summer sun with their family and friends.  Also, they enjoy treats such as popsicles, ice-cream and snowballs.  Where there is sugar, there can be cavities.  

At Broadwater Dental, we look forward to treating young patients.  The younger they start being consulted and treated, the better off their teeth will be as adults.  During the school year, we understand that schedules are full of classes and extracurricular activities.  That is why it is important to schedule your child's last minute appointment to see the dentist.  

So, right before they finish off this sweet, summer come see us at Broadwater Dental. Your child's smile is our top priority!

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