Oral Surgery at Broadwater Dental

Oral surgery sounds a little scary! At Broadwater Dentistry in Biloxi, Mississippi and D'Iberville, Mississippi, we would like to take some of the fear away. Unlike other surgeries, some oral surgery can be performed in your dentist’s office and not in a hospital.

This is due to the limited recovery time and types of anesthesia used. Plus, some of the procedures that fall under the categorization of oral surgery, may be procedures you have had before but didn’t think of them as surgery. For example, tooth extraction is a form of oral surgery, but many of us just think of it as a routine dental procedure.

People need teeth removed for various reasons including, impacted wisdom teeth, teeth that can’t be saved due to decay or trauma, baby teeth that refuse to fall out and are blocking permanent teeth from coming through. An orthodontist may want to remove teeth because of overcrowding in the mouth. Jaw surgery is another type of oral surgery carried out mostly by orthodontists or oral surgeons.

Examples of this type of surgery are; corrective surgery due to jaw trauma, incorrect bite, tooth wear from grinding of teeth or clenching, problems eating, chewing or talking. If your dentist feels he or she needs to refer you to an oral surgeon, don’t be scared, it means you are getting the best help possible.

If you have had a dental implant which are becoming increasingly popular, that is considered oral surgery as well. One less common procedure that falls under the oral surgery categorization is the early detection of oral cancer by your dentist which will most likely result in a biopsy. Your dentist is trained to look for signs of the disease and will provide guidance if he or she feels a need for further examination. If you have any questions about oral surgery, do not hesitate to contact us at Broadwater Dentistry in Biloxi, MS and D'Iberville, MS.