Mouthwash, floss, and brush are among the most common ways to keep your teeth healthy and whiter. However, you may have forgotten another way of improving your dental hygiene, which is by eating healthy foods for healthy teeth. Starchy and sugary foods stick to the teeth and these are steps away from cavities. To keep your teeth health, try these foods for much better results.

Dairy Products

According to studies, those who consumed a yogurt everyday had more weight compared to people who consumed none. Therefore, calcium is vital if you want to lose weight. You can get low fat yogurt, skim milk, and low fat pudding that contain vitamins. By adding yogurt packed with vitamins in your daily diet, it can significantly improve your oral health.


For better results, it is recommended to eat raw onions. Onions have powerful antibacterial sulphur compounds that kill bacteria such as those that promote erosion and tooth decay.


Celery provides great opportunity to chew more as it creates lots of saliva. Take note that a lot of saliva is good, knowing that it neutralizes bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Also, celery helps in cleaning the teeth between the gums. Best of all, it massages the gums, which in turn promotes cleanliness and health.


Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C such as kiwis and apples are vital for the health of gum tissues. Lack of Vitamin C can lead to tender gums, which are prone to gum diseases.


Vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A such as broccoli and carrots are important in daily diet as they help form tooth enamel.


Cheese has a lot of benefits to one’s teeth. This is why it is advisable to include cheese in our daily diet. It has high calcium and phosphate content and it helps in rebuilding the tooth enamel. In addition to that, it kills the bacteria that may lead to gum disease and tooth decay.


Nuts are extraordinary healthy and delicious. They contain essential fats, help lower the cholesterol level, and are delicious. Moreover, they also have phosphate, magnesium, calcium, and other nutrients, that healthy teeth mainly need.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are great for building enamel and cleaning the teeth. Sesames contain high levels of calcium, which what bones and teeth are made of.


Oily fish has Omega 3 fatty acids, which the body cannot produce. We need to eat fish at least 3 times a week. Eating fish and other foods that are rich in fatty acids helps keep from us having heart related diseases.


Carrot is a hard veggie, which massages the gums when chewed. It means healthy teeth and the teeth stay cleaner.

Since these foods are not too hard to come by, adding them into daily diet is easy. These foods will help us take good care of our gums and teeth, and will surely prevent us from having toothache. Sooner or later, our teeth will be thanking us for all new tastes!